New Evidence on Housing Affordability Inequality

20 February 2018, 14:00 - 15:30 
Recanati building, room 430 
New Evidence on Housing Affordability Inequality


TAU City Center invites you to a seminar with Dr. Danny Ben-Shahar, Alrov Institute for Real Estate Research, Coller School of Management, Tel Aviv University, about: 

New Evidence on Housing Affordability Inequality


Commentator: Prof. Neta Ziv, Hagar Affordable Housing Center, Buchmann Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University.



Research abstract: 

Housing Affordability and Inequality: A Consumption-Adjusted Approach

We introduce a new measure of housing affordability that adjusts for normative variation in housing consumption. The new measure is computed using extensive micro-data from Israel for the 1998-2015 period.

Findings suggest sharp declines in Israel quality- and consumption-adjusted affordability. Further, the new consumption-adjusted measure suggests more pronounced affordability burdens among minority and underprivileged groups.

The new measure also gives rise to elevated Gini measures of housing affordability inequality. We also find that recent trending up in house prices and income in Israel is associated with more pressing consumption-adjusted affordability challenges among those already in housing distress, particularly in outlying, peripheral areas.



The lecture is based on:

Danny Ben-Shahar, Stuart Gabriel, and Roni Golan. 2017. "Housing Affordability and Inequality: A Consumption-Adjusted Approach." Available at SSRN.


For those who are interested in the notion of superstar cities: 

Gyourko, Joseph, Christopher Mayer, and Todd Sinai. 2013. "Superstar Cities." American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 5(4): 167-99. 



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