Cities in the Time of Corona | TAU & IITM

Joint Virtual Roundtable | September 9-10 & 16

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Cities in the Time of Corona

Joint Virtual Roundtable  |  Tel-Aviv University & the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras


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Cities in the Time of Corona is a Virtual Roundtable event organized by City Center research center in Tel-Aviv University and IIT-Madras. 
The event aims to generate a dialogue between urban researchers and practitioners from both cities.


The objective of the Roundtable is to develop a collaborative research agenda that can help us understand the urban dynamics of Corona, the way cities might evolve and its implications to urban living. 
The outcome of this engagement is expected to be a series of ideas that can be converted into collaborative research proposals. 


The Roundtable includes two divided sessions on the 9th and 10th of September.  Each session consists of a series of short presentations by urban researchers and practitioners from Israel and India. 
The two sessions will be followed by a brief virtual brainstorming meeting between participants on September 16th, to explore potential collaborative opportunities between the two teams.




Covid-19 has affected humankind the world over. As the world struggles to come to grips with this Pandemic, it is apparent that people living in cities have been the worst affected both in terms of health and livelihood as compared to those living in rural areas. This is hardly surprising given the high density of urban agglomerations, the efficacy of the spread of the virus and the sparser distribution of people in rural areas.  ​


Cities have attempted to battle back against the spread of the virus by launching a slew of measures – social distancing, work-from-home, enhancing healthcare infrastructure and so on. While this is likely to continue in the near future, it is also time to take stock of how cities are likely to respond in the medium and long-term as well as what life in our cities will be like going forward. These insights will have a significant bearing on infrastructure design and development, the role of technology in society, social stratification in cities and a variety of other areas.



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